↓ Transcript
[Several days have passed. It's nearing sunset, and the house and trees are silhouetted against the orange and purple sky.]

[Salime leans in the doorway with her arms crossed.]

Salime: We're almost packed up... My mom REALLY wants you to change your mind.
Lauren: (off-panel) There's stuff I gotta do. PEOPLE I need to find.

[The camera swings around, showing Lauren packing her rucksack with her back to Salime.]

Salime: People?
Lauren: I've got some... friends to get back to.

[Salime raises an eyebrow appraisingly.]

[Measuring her words very carefully, she casually glances down at her fingernails.]

Salime: You know, it wasn't thundering and lightning the other night. I've been wondering HOW, exactly, lightning could strike without thunder following it.

[Lauren pauses, her expression hardening at Salime's observation.]