↓ Transcript
[A wide panel showing both Audrey and Lauren. Lauren gestures with her hands.]

Audrey: Why did you LEAVE?
Lauren: (sigh...) I kinda thought I was gonna be a lone wolf or something. I dunno. I got... antsy.

[A series of panels show what Lauren has been up to across the city. A spray paint can being shaken, Lauren writing "Follow the Lights" on a brick wall, and Lauren giving directions to two survivors in a grassy area.]

Lauren: I tried to point people in their direction, though.

[Audrey looks impressed.]

Audrey: Wow... I wouldn't last a DAY out there by myself like that...

[Lauren pats the mattress appreciatively.]

Lauren: Nothing like a week and a half sleeping under bridges to make you appreciate things like MATTRESSES.
SFX: pat pat