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[Lauren looks around at Salime, her eyes narrowed.]

Lauren: Why are you so INTERESTED in where I came from?

[Salime looks unperturbed.]

Salime: Because you're still LYING about it.

[Salime balls her fists up at her sides as Lauren puts her hands on her hips. Audrey pokes her head in from the hallway, looking worried.]

Salime: We TOOK YOU IN. You LIKE to my MOTHER.
Lauren: I'm GRATEFUL for your family's hospitality. I TRULY am. But it literally makes NO DIFFERENCE to any of you what I was doing out there.

[Salime points a finger accusingly, getting more agitated.]

Salime: I'm not STUPID, Okay? You were using MAGIC. I FELT it the minute I saw you there! I'm not interested in your BULLSHIT anymore.

[Lauren's expression hardens even more as she realizes the jig is up.]