The Hues is and will always be free to read online, but there are lots of ways you can help me out, support the project, and make sure it keeps going!


If you like my work, tell people about it!  Share the links on your favorite social network.  Have a friend who likes magical girls? Aliens? Awesome girl friendships? Let them know my comic exists!  The best way to add to the number of people reading The Hues is by word of mouth and talking it up.

Check out this page for buttons and banners you can use!


There are a couple different ways you can help me out monetarily:

  • Set up a recurring donation/pledge via Patreon.  For a buck or two a month, you get access to behind the scenes art and works in progress.  There are also monthly rewards like eBooks, custom art, and prints!
  • Visit the store!  This is my virtual Artist Alley table, where you can get prints, buttons, posters, books, and all sorts of stuff.  I’ve done several comics and projects other than The Hues, so you can check those out, too.
  • eBooks of the comic are for sale on Gumroad!
  • Make a one-time donation with PayPal for any amount you wish.  Donors get a link to a secret page with some wallpaper downloads as a thank-you!
  • I have an Amazon wishlist for things I use/need in the course of my business, if you want to contribute directly to my supply and operating costs.  It is much appreciated. :)  (I also have a separate list for fun/non-business things.)