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[Lauren comes over to Audrey's window, looking out.]

Lauren: What's that?
Audrey: That light? Not sure.

[A wide shot of the horizon. The sky and ground are inky black and blue, but a soft white light shines far off in the distance.]

Audrey: We noticed it... hmm... about a week ago? Whatever it is, it's pretty far away.

[Lauren smiles.]

Lauren: Sami.

[Lauren sits down on the other end of Audrey's bed.]

Audrey: What'd you say?
Lauren: It's from the camp my... some PEOPLE I know started. That's GOTTA be them, with a signal that bright...
Audrey: Wow, really? That's amazing...

[Lauren leans forward, resting her chin on her hand.]

Lauren: We'd started looking for other survivors-- collecting food and stuff. Haven't seen them since the third day. I hope they're doing okay.