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[Audrey stands and takes a few steps into the center of the room, waving casually.]

Audrey: Um, I'm Audrey, by the way.
Salime: Salime. What's your name?

[Looking calmer, Lauren grins tiredly.]

Lauren: Hi. I'm Lauren.

[Salime grips the back of her chair as she speaks. Audrey stands next to her desk with her hands in her pockets.]

Salime: Let's see... do you want to eat? We can take you downstairs... EVERYONE'S been worried about you...
Lauren: (off-panel) "Everyone?"
Audrey: Just our families.
Lauren: ...in one house?
Audrey: It's actually a duplex.

[Salime and Audrey accompany Lauren down the stairs.]

[Lauren calls for her mother at the entrance to the kitchen.]

Salime: Mom! She's up now!
Mama: (off-panel) Oh, thank the Lord!