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[Lauren grips the edge of the blankets.]

Lauren: Where am I? What day is it?

[Lauren suddenly notices the other person in the room, sitting on another bed tucked into the corner of the small bedroom. Audrey, a black girl, wears a blue checked button-down shirt, cuffed jeans, and striped socks. She is sitting with one foot curled underneath her and a sketchbook in her lap. Her hair is short and curly, and she wears oval-shaped glasses.]

Audrey: It's October third. And you're in Whitehall. You feeling okay?
Lauren: Uh, I guess. What I am doing here?

[Lauren looks down at her arm.]

Salime: You were knocked out at the foot of that radio tower on Hamilton [Road] last night when we found you...

[A shot of Lauren's arms. The exposed skin is lined with jagged red lines, resembling lightning.]

Salime: I saw SOMETHING lit it up pretty good, but... I dunno WHAT.

[Salime points to the foot of the bed. In the background, Lauren's hoodie is hanging from the back of the bedroom door.]

Salime: We assumed you're rather wake up INside... your bag and skates are down there, by the way.

[A shot of Lauren's rucksack on the floor, her skates propped neatly against it.]