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[The light inside the house is very low. Salime's mother, Elena, beckons Lauren forward with her hands, greeting her warmly.]

Elena: Come in, come in! Have a bite, sit down!

[Seated at the end of the table, Elena sits down a can of soup with a spoon in it, and unscrews a bottle filled with water.]

Lauren: H-hello...

[Questions and greetings come from all directions as the family members respond. Lauren tightens her crossed arms around herself.]

Others: Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!
Others: What's your name?
Others: You didn't catch a cold, did you?
Others: Are you hurt at all?
Others: Do you have any FAMILY looking for you?

[Elena steps in, interrupting the questions. Around the table, Salime's brothers (Efren and Hector), father (Jose), and Audrey's brother (Martin) look alternately sheepish and amused. There are cards splayed out across the table, indicating a game in progress.]

Elena: ENOUGH! Let the girl get some good and WATER first, my LORD! She's been BEDRIDDEN for a day and a half, honestly...