↓ Transcript
<i>[The motorcycle travels down a street lined with many parking garages, turning on to a side street.]

[In a shady alley, Andy brings the motorcycle to a stop.]</i>

Sami: I can't BELIEVE we got past that barricade. How did you DO that?

Andy: My Jedi Mind Trick is strong, my padawan. We should stop and made a game plan.

<i>[Sami looks down as her phone starts ringing from the depths of her bag. Andy brushes her wind-tangled hair away from her face.]</i>

Sami: Is that my PHONE? I thought the towers were all out-- <i>[gasp]</i> <b><i>MOM!</i></b>

<i>[Holding her phone with both hands, the screen says "Mom Work, Calling..."]</i>