↓ Transcript
<i>[Sami answers the phone anxiously.]</i>

Sami: Mom! I'm here! Mom? Can you hear me?

<i>[She pulls the phone away from her ear.]</i>


Sami: [dejectedly] Oh...

<i>[Sami swings her leg over the bike, dismounting, which causes the contents of her bag to spill.]</i>

Sami: Well, that means my mom is still at--- shoot!

<i>[She kneels down to pick up her stuff; a wallet, a hairbrush, and a notebook. Andy also dismounts.]</i>

<i>[Andy stands with one arm on the handlebars and the other resting on the saddle. Sami stands back up, holding the notebook.]</i>

Andy: What'cha got there?

Sami: All the notes I collected after the hexagram showed up.

Andy: Huh! I probably should've done something like that.