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<i>[Smiling, Andy continues talking with the officer. Sami shrinks a little under his imposing figure.]</i>

Officer: Fine Where're YOU headed in such a hurry?

Andy: We need to go downtown, if you please.

Officer. I don't think so. You SEE those things up there? NO CIVILIANS.

<i>[Andy narrows her eyes a little, and everything tinges a little bit redder.]</i>

Andy: Hmm, okay. Well, <b><i>I think you're going to let us pass. We have to go downtown. It's an emergency.</i></b>

<i>[The officer's eye widens and glows a little red.]

[He turns and points further up the road, off-panel, and shouts.]</i>

Officer: <b>Let 'em pass! Emergency!</b>

<i>[Smiling sweetly, Andy drives off on their way.]</i>

Andy: Thank you, officer!