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<i>[Ahead, just before an underpass in the road, there is a police blockade turning cars away and letting cars pass back the way Sami and Andy came. A police officer bends forward to speak with a driver through their car window. Fighters fly by up in the sky.]

[Sami peeks out from behind Andy to see.]

[They reach the police officer, who holds his hand up, "Stop."]</i>

Officer: <b>No civilians</b> allowed past this point, miss. Where's <b>your</b> helmet?

Andy: <b>She's</b> under 17 and hasn't ridden before, so I gave it to <b>her.</b>

<i>[He crosses his arms as he speaks to them. Andy looks entirely nonplussed. Sami looks at Andy dubiously as she adjusts her bag.]</i>