Halloween is just around the corner, and that means COSTUMES!

The Hues have the requisite magical girls uniforms, but we wont be seeing those for a little while. ;)  So far, we’ve just seen their civvies, so this is a guide on putting together costumes for Sami, Andy, and Hannah this Halloween, using found and/or thrifted items.

I don’t really expect that I’ll have any cosplayer fans so soon in this comic’s lifespan, but a girl can dream! :)  A cosplay of something I’ve created would definitely make my day, so don’t be shy and send me pictures if you actually do this! :D

Happy Halloween!



Sami’s main look is her grey and white striped cardigan with a grey camisole and jeans.  The cardigan was inspired by this DIY Summer Vest tutorial that went around on Tumblr awhile back, and I liked the look of it and thought it would suit Sami very well. :)  So you can either look for a striped, short-sleeve cardigan, or find some striped shirts and make the vest like the tutorial! :)

Photo by Joy Kelley

Photo by Joy Kelley

Pair it with a simple,  light grey camisole and skinny jeans in a medium wash.  For bonus points, get a grey hoodie (pullover style, not zip-up) and tie it around your waist. :)


Sami’s bag is based on my purse, which I’ve had for many many years. :)  The first one’s strap eventually lost structural integrity, but the one I currently have is still going strong.

It’s originally from Old Navy, and I loved the heck out of it in my late high school/early college years, so much that I tracked one down on eBay a couple years ago because it was a great bag and I missed it and I’M AN ADULT I DO WHAT I WANT.  You can still find this bag on eBay from time to time if you search “Old Navy rose messenger bag” or the like.  I modified the design a little bit for the comic version, but a black messenger bag with a red strap and red detailing on the flap will do you just fine.


Her shoes were loosely modeled on these sneakers, which again, are shoes I own. XD (They are very comfy, what can I say?)

Lastly, I just want to discourage any of my readers from using body paint, tanning, or otherwise altering their skin color to cosplay Sami.  That’s called brownface, and it is not acceptable, so please just don’t do it. :)



All of Andy’s gear is pretty much based on real items as well, but basically, you need a motorcycle jacket, jeans, black boots, and a yellow and white raglan t-shirt.


The motorcycle jacket above is what Andy’s is modeled after, and most importantly, I looked for and chose one that is available in plus sizes, up to size 24.


The helmet and goggles combo I used as models are also available online. :)

It is surprisingly difficult to find a short-sleeved yellow and white raglan tee online.  But any white t-shirt with a yellow collar can stand in, since you only see that much under the jacket. :)  Any old black boots will do, and her jeans are a darker wash than Sami’s jeans, and boot-cut.



Hannah’s entire ensemble can be found in the men’s section at most any big box store that sells clothes.  Her t-shirt is a khaki/natural/beige color, and her button-down is a very light, grayish blue. Plaid is definitely acceptable. :)  Her jeans are straight cut, medium-light wash.  If you want to add the white long-sleeve shirt she gains in chapter 2, look for a thermal shirt with that waffle texture.


Her shoes are classic red Chuck Taylor high-tops.