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[Hannah sits in frustrated thought, a hand on her brow.]

[She looks up sharply, hearing Sami and Andy's voices through the trees.]

Andy: And you? When did yours start manifesting?
Sami: Heh... uhh, today?

[Hannah crouches among the trees in the foreground, watching Andy and Sami walk down the bike trail.]

Hannah: (muttering to herself) Gotta be kiddin' me...
Hannah: (caption) Heard yer voices on the bike trail, so I started followin' ya.

[Back in the present, Hannah fidgets nervously, her arms stiff against her side as she gets the words out.]

Hannah: Saw the alien creepin' up on you, so I ran over fast as I could. And... I'm sorry I just walked off earlier. It's... complicated.
Andy: Well, thanks. I'm glad you're back.

[Hannah points at Andy, narrowing her eyes slightly.]

Hannah: One condition. You? Stay outta my head.

[Andy smiles and holds her palms up again, deferentially, giving the Girl Scout sign with one hand.]

Andy: I'll do my best.