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[Laverne looks back over her shoulder at her daughter.]

[Hanging back, she joins Audrey, slipping her arm around her shoulders.]

Laverne: Hey baby, how you doin'?
Audrey: Hey Momma. Just... tired. Worried.

[Laverne tries to reassure Audrey.]

Laverne: We're all gonna be good, baby. All our prayers are gonna come BACK to us tonight.
Audrey: I wish Lauren came with us. I hope she's gonna be okay.
Laverne: What I know of that girl is she got by on her own out there when I LOT of people didn't. There's a spark in her-- She's not gonna give up until she finds whatever she's looking for.

[Audrey smiles to herself.]

Audrey: A spark? Yeah, you could say that.