↓ Transcript
[Sami and Andy have crossed a wide, grassy area, approaching the highway ramp.]

Andy: You were saying... you were making a video?
Sami: Yeah, right before the portal opened. I guess it was kind of dumb to do it so close to the countdown.

[Closeup on Sami as she ascends the ramp.]

Sami: The networks got all wonky right when the ship came through. I don't know if it even uploaded all the way.

[The girls stand on tiptoes, looking over a concrete barrier.]

Andy: Is it there?
Sami: I can't tell...

[Shot changes to in front of them, their faces just visible over the top of the barrier.]

Sami: It's at the other end of that lot. Never seemed this far in the car...

[Sami and Andy whip around as the rogue alien smashes down onto a wrecked car behind them.]