↓ Transcript
[The girls come upon a collapsed bridge.]

[Sami (whose hair is pulled back in a ponytail now) motions for Andy to follow her.]

Sami: Hey, this way.

[A sign in the extreme foreground indicates this is a bike trail. Sami and Andy walk along it, covered in dust and dirt from top to bottom. Sami has taken her hoodie off and knotted it around her waist, as well as tied a torn-off piece of her striped jacket to cover her mouth and nose. Andy is similarly wearing a red bandana over her face.]

Andy: I think I was 9 or 10 when I really started to notice. And you? When did YOURS start manifesting?
Sami: Heh... Uhh... Today?
Andy: SERIOUSLY? THAT was the first time? Oh my goodness.

[Sami runs ahead of Andy, following the path uphill.]

[From a distance, they can see farther down the river, where a bridge stands intact.]

Sami: The bridge!