↓ Transcript
<i>[Sami looks up at Andy warily.]</i>

Sami: Who are you?
Andy: Oh!

<i>[Andy removes her helmet and goggles.]</i>

Andy: Sorry-- I'm Andy.

[She helps Sami to her feet]

Andy: Nice to meet you. What <b>your</b> name?
Sami: Sami...

<i>[Andy begins to speak, while Sami rubs the back of her head.]</i>

Andy: I came to see the hexagram, and I got this hunch I was supposed to <b>find </b>someone, too. I just got here this morning.

<i>[A breeze blows their hair and clothes around as smoke and dust starts to thicken around them. The alien mothership hangs ominously in the distance.]</i>

Andy: I've always had these weird premonitions, and they got really <b>intense</b> when the hexagram appeared. So I came. I never expected something like this... But as soon as I saw your light from the distance, I just knew that was where I needed to go.