If you came by my table last weekend at Anime Central, hello again!  Thanks to all the readers who came to say hi as well, you folks totally made my weekend. XD

The first leg of my MIDWEST MADNESS!!!!!!! tour is complete, but unfortunately, I’m all out of buffer!  And since I’m arting from the road on a teeny tiny laptop, the comics are going to take a break this week and resume again a week from today while I catch up on comics and commissions. :)

In the meantime, go check out the big announcement that happened at the con: Viz Media has licensed the entire original Sailor Moon anime AS WELL AS the new Sailor Moon Crystal!  I’ve barely had enough time to stop and process my happiness over this news. :D This interview with a couple of bigwigs from Viz is a good place to start, and assures me that my girls are in very good hands.