Tumblr - AwesomeCon SC preorders

Gonna try something new and do sketch card pre-orders for AwesomeCon!

There are only so many commissions I can complete during a given convention weekend, so this is your chance to guarantee you get some art by me.  Prices start at $5 for a sharpie doodle, all the way up to a fully-shaded colored pencil drawing for $30!  Here are some examples of sketch cards I’ve drawn in the past.

If you use the coupon code AWESOME14 at checkout, you can also take advantage of free at-con pickup for everything else in the store, too!  More info on con pickup here, for those interested.  Sketch card pre-orders will be open for the next two weeks, closing on April 11th.

Not going to AwesomeCon?  I do sketch card commissions online as well, and the info for that is on my commissions page.

I’ll be offering pre-orders like this for future cons depending on how it goes for the next few shows I’m at.  Hope to see you at a con sometime!