HEYYYYYYY, it’s time for your monthly update!

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I said it over there, but thank you again to everyone who supported my Patreon for the month of March!  If you’re new to the comic, this is an excellent time to point out that you can support me with a small, recurring donation via Patreon, as well as see progress shots and behind-the-scenes stuff about how the comic-sausage is made.  (Some previews above!)  Becoming a patron is not mandatory and the comic is always free to read, but if you’re interested in supporting my work, whatever you want to give is much appreciated. ^_^


I’ve been making all sorts of updates to Art Harder, which is my online store for all my various comic and art projects.  You can now get a copy of the comic book I made for Anime Boston (above) for just five bucks!  I’ll have these books for sale at conventions this spring and summer, as well.   The Hues section of the store also has all the eBooks, prints, and the hexagram necklace, as well, so go check those out. :)


This month, I’m going to be at two conventions! SPACE is April 12-13th here in Columbus, Ohio, and I’ll also be at AwesomeCon in Washington DC the 18-20th.  The map for AwesomeCon is forthcoming, I’m told I’ll have my table location soon, so I will let you guys know where I’m going to be!  I’m taking pre-orders for sketch cards for this show, in the meantime.

I think that’s it from me for now!  Hope you are all having a great day.