↓ Transcript
[Priya cups Sami's face in her hands, their foreheads touching as they both cry.]

Priya: Sami... my Sami... you did it! You're here!
Sami: I got... I got your message. I'm sorry, I'm SO SORRY mom...
Priya: No, no, no... you're here, that's all that matters.

[Sami wipes her face with her hand as Priya pulls back, gesturing at the rest of her.]

Priya: And... look at you! What's THIS?
Sami: Uhh... this part's new. The outfit.

[The camera pulls back to include the rest of the girls, gathered behind Sami. Lauren waves causally.]

Priya: Wow... look at ALL of you! Hello...
Lauren: Hi, Doctor Sami's-Mom.