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[Lauren excitedly tells them about the camp. Salime, arms still crossed, gestures defensively.]

Lauren: That's Sami and Andy and Hannah-- That glow is Sami's powers. She makes light and stuff-- ANYWAY. They started a safehouse 'cuz there's this THING we have to do by the next full moon and we can't leave the city-- We have to have FIVE of us with powers to do it. If you guys from back with me, we'll have SIX--
Salime: Waitaminute, WHAT? BACK the hell UP.

[Lauren spreads her arms wide.]

Lauren: It's not just us three. My friends across town have powers, too! And we've been LOOKING for a fifth person for our... MISSION, I guess. Please, PLEASE some back to the house with me? I CAN'T believe I found TWO of you at once...
Salime: (off-panel) THINK about what you're asking.

[A wide shot of all three girls.]

Salime: Putting ourselves in MORE danger? Leaving our families? Absolutely not.
Lauren: We can take EVERYONE! They'll be safe between the six of US, all together...

[Salime snaps her hand down sharply, decisively.]

Salime: No way. Our parents don't know ANYTHING about this, and I'm certainly not telling them NOW.