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[Pulls up her phone from the depths of the blankets.]

[She presses the power button, starting up the device. The phone's logo lights up the screen.]

Lauren: Come on, baby...

[She grins widely as the phone boots up and starts vibrating.]

Lauren: Aww yisss!

[She suddenly hears voices out in the hallway.]

Salime: (off-panel) ...isn't adding up.

[Lauren listens raptly at the muffled conversation through the door.]

Salime: I was THERE, and she sure wasn't trying to get into that shed.
Audrey: I dunno, Sali. There's no reason for her to just LIE, is there?
Salime: I can think of a thing or two. Didn't you FEEL it?
Audrey: You... you think it's the THING?
Salime: I dunno what ELSE it could be.