↓ Transcript
[A shot of Lauren, half of her face off-panel.]

Lauren: Umm...

[A series of panels show flashes of the previous night's events: Saki, the alien's blaster, Lauren cradling Saki's body, and then Lauren skating through the rain.]

[Lauren scratches the back of her neck as she makes up a story.]

Lauren: I was... trying to get into that shed. For shelter. Uh... I don't remember what happened next. I woke up here.

[Elena grabs one of Lauren's arms, examining it closely. Salime leans over, looking at the marks appraisingly.]

Elena: My goodness, dear! Look at you!
Salime: You LOOK like you were struck by lightning.

[Lauren sheepishly plays along as Elena touches the skin of her arm.]

Salime: Those patterns are Lichtenberg lines.
Lauren: Huh, wow. LIGHTNING. Crazy.