↓ Transcript
[Lauren continues eating as she asks questions. In the foreground, Elena's expression is very thoughtful and reflective.]

Lauren: I haven't seen this many people in a while... how have you all been managing out here?
Elena: It's been... difficult. But we're all TOGETHER, and in one piece. We are VERY lucky.

[Elena narrates over a panel depicting the neighborhood, situated next to the highway, but far from the downtown area, which looks charred and smoky even from this distance. The neighborhood is still dotted with trees and grass, and consists of several apartment buildings and a few houses.]

Elena: The whole NEIGHBORHOOD was lucky. The aliens didn't strike much, this far out.

[Salime's brothers chime in. Hector looks fairly neutral, while Efren pouts in the foreground, his chin on his hand.]

Hector: Apart from a few fires, everything is fine.
Efren: If you call no running water "fine".

[Martin then speaks, steepling his hands.]

Martin: Lotta folks up and ran for it at first, before the aliens started creepin' all over the place.
Lauren: They're doing sweeps out here, too, huh?