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[Sami, Andy, and Hannah are seated around the dining room table, along with Terry, the nurse, and two black men, Luis and Mel. The tabletop is taken up by a large, hand-drawn map made of sheets of paper taped together, as well as pages of loose-leaf notebook paper covered in writing. The three girls each have a notebook in front of them.]

Caption: Chapter Six, Pass it Along

[Hannah makes a list in her notebook as Terry counts things off on her fingers.]

Terry: ...and ANY first aid supplies. Gause, bandages, tape, alcohol, wipes, cotton pads... OH! And pads and tampons.

[Sami looks to her left, where Andy is seated, looking over her notes.]

Andy: We're in pretty good shape on our staples. Just keep 'em coming.
Sami: Good! That's good.
Andy: It's really a matter of getting enough VARIED nutrition. We could use some multi-vitamins... and like any different food you scrounge up.