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[The alien says something, but it only appears as gibberish.]

[Sami looks over desperately at Andy, who has her eyes fixed on the alien as she starts removing her gloves.]

Sami: What? What do we do?
Andy: Here... I'm gonna try something...

[Andy steps behind Sami, placing her hands on either side of Sami's head. Sami's eyes look up and around tentatively. A faint red glow from Andy's hands colors the air.]

Andy: You SHOULD be able to hear... For a few minutes.

[Sami's eyes briefly flare red as Andy's power flows into her.]

[Andy takes Sami's hand.]

Andy: As long as we keep in contact.

[Off to the side, Lauren crosses her arms and narrows her eyes. Hannah simply glances over at her.]

Lauren: Guess WE'RE chopped liver...