↓ Transcript
[Inside, Sami sits with Brian and Kurt in the TV room. POV is looking down at the three of them from above.]

Kurt: I don't even know what to SAY.
Sami: Don't worry about it. Lots of people haven't been sure how to react. But it's not exactly easy to hide it from a hundred people at once.

[Brian wrinkles his brows, looking perplexed.]

Brian: But what about the ALIENS?

[Sami leans back into the armchair, her legs crossed, looking tired and sober.]

Sami: We MET them. The day after the bombing, they came here for the busted fighter.
Sami: Swear to god.

[Back on the day in question, we see the girls standing in Sami's front yard together, in a line, about to confront the aliens.]