↓ Transcript
[Back on the invasion day, Kurt is sitting on the couch in his and Brian's apartment. He sits forward, leaning on his elbow, one hand touching his face, looking very worried.]

[Kurt looks up suddenly as Brian bursts through the door.]

Brian: KURT?!
Kurt: OH MY GOD!

[They embrace tightly, relieved to see each other.]

Brian: It's okay, hon! I'm here, I'm here...
Kurt: (distraught) I kept trying to call you and my phone stopped working! The news said traffic wasn't getting through ANYWHERE!
Brian: I had to leave the car behind and hoof it the rest of the way...

[At a loss for what to do, they look out the windows, where the small fighter ships have moved into a tightly-coordinated formation in the sky.]

Kurt: What are we gonna DO?
Brian: I don't know... It's getting ugly out there... People are FREAKING out....