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[Sami leans back nervously on the kitchen island. Andy's eyes narrow into a cold, suspicious expression, while Hannah merely leans forward on her elbows on the other side of the kitchen island.]

Sami: So that's why the power's on... Why is my house still HERE? Where's my dad?

[Earlier that same morning, Lauren comes upon the immaculate house, looking around at the pulverized neighborhood with a puzzled expression.]

Lauren: (VO) Dunno. Found it just like this when I got here. Door was open.

[Lauren enters the dark house tentatively.]

Lauren: (VO) I wasn't even sure I found the right place 'til I did some poking around. I got the power working, then I crashed.

[Sami's eyes drop sadly.]

Lauren: (off-panel) But your dad wasn't here then, either.

[Sami looks up again, hopeful.]

Sami: Could you... could you fix a phone?

[Sami hands her phone over to Lauren.]

Lauren: Oh yeah, sure. YOU'VE got an iPhone? Damn.
Sami: The saucer put out an EM pulse and bricked it.
Lauren: Ouch. Bad luck.

[Her tongue stuck out the corner of her mouth in concentration, Lauren pokes a small spark from her pinky towards the bottom edge of Sami's phone.]

Lauren: Let's see...