↓ Transcript
[Sami still holds the broom out in front of her as she regards Lauren.]

Sami: How do you know my name?
Lauren: (off-panel) I saw your video yesterday.
Sami: But... the networks when down when I was uploading it.

[Lauren pulls out her phone and starts tapping on the screen.]

Lauren: See for yourself.

[She holds up her phone and Sami's vlog begins to play.]

Sami: (in video) Okay... it should be recording now... Um, hi! I'm Sami.

[Sami lowers the broom slightly as she looks over at her laptop, which she put down on the kitchen island. Andy holds up a half-clenched fist as she tries to get a read on Lauren.]

Andy: She's not lying...

[On her laptop, Sami jiggles the mouse to reveal the video upload page, which reads "Success!" with a full progress bar.]

Lauren: (off-panel) Not to freak you out MORE, but it wasn't hard to track you down from your accounts.
Sami: Oh my...