↓ Transcript
[A tall panel spanning two rows shows some of the destruction to a neighborhood that's been reduced to burnt rubble.]

Andy: So once you've got the flames going, how do you wield them?

[Hannah walks ahead of Andy, who gestures enthusiastically as if wielding invisible fire.]

Andy: Like, what does it FEEL like?
Hannah: Umm... it feels kinda like a fire hose... but... with fire?

[Hannah looks at the ground. Andy looks at her apologetically.]

Hannah: It's either really small flames or a big blast. I can't really go in between.
Andy: ...I'm sorry! I'm making you uncomfortable. I didn't mean to!
Hannah: I'm not really used to TALKIN' about this stuff.

[Andy and Hannah look up ahead of them at something off-panel, while Sami trails behind, her head bowed.]

Andy: Uh... Sami? Your house was the GREEN one, right?