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[A close-up on Hannah; her eyes are not visible.]

Hannah: I came here lookin' for answers and I got nothin'.

[Sami sits back up. She and Andy look at Hannah sympathetically.]

Hannah: To be honest, I don't know what else I can get outta stayin'.

[Hannah draws her knees up to her chest, crossing her arms over them.]

Hannah: We should get outta here while we still can. It's still quiet and those little ships aren't flyin' around all over the place. There's gotta be help comin' real soon-- the army or somethin'... We might run into relief workers or somethin' the further we get.

[A pulled-out shot of all three girls. Andy steeples her fingers in front of her.]

Andy: Well, majority rules. What do you wanna do, Sami?

[Sami looks down, her brows crinkling thoughfully as she rubs her neck.]