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[Hannah raises her head, her face scrunched up and sleepy. Sami looks toward the front of the store at the sound of Andy's voice.]

Hannah: Mmm, what?
Andy: (off-panel) I'm out here!

[Andy stands beaming next to a loaded-up red shopping cart.]

Andy: I went SHOPPING! That Tarjay is still pretty much okay, so I grabbed some clothes and stuff for us.
Sami: Wow!

[The top layer of the cart's contents include a flat of canned goods, neatly folded pairs of jeans, and t-shirts.]

Andy: I had to guess on your guys' sizes, so I hope there's stuff here you can actually USE.

[Sami looks up at Andy, concerned.]

Sami: This is nice and all, but you REALLY should have woken us up!

[Andy smiles apologetically.]

Sami: It could have been really dangerous to go by yourself!
Andy: Sorry. I figured you guys could use the rest.

[Hannah holds up a clean t-shirt, looking at it almost reverently. Andy and Sami react with perturbed expressions.]

Hannah: ...I haven't changed my clothes in WEEKS.