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↓ Transcript
[Somewhere out in the country, the last rays of sunlight are fading from the day. A young woman wearing all black looks down at a phone in her right hand, a rucksack slung across her back and inline skates with yellow wheels on her feet.]

[An extreme closeup on her glasses. Her expression is obscured by the glare on the lenses.]

[Her hand holds the phone, where we see Sami's video playing.]

Sami: Maybe it's a mistake to say is publicly, but I don't know what else to do. If you've seen it too, and you're watching this...

[The girl smirks.]

Sami: (caption) ...Come and find me.

[A low shot of the empty road leading off to the darkening horizon. A sign to the right of the road reads "COLUMBUS 25". The girl skates off into the darkness, leaving a trail of arcing sparks and crackles in her wake.]

Sami: (caption) I'll be here.