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[Sami fidgets with her purse strap nervously as Hannah regards her with her arms crossed.]

Sami: My...deal?

Hannah: I make fire. Yer not freakin' out. People freak out. It's what they do.

[Sami's phone rings suddenly. She holds a finger up to Hannah as she pulls her bag up.]

Sami: Um... hold that thought...

[Closeup of the phone. It's "Mom Work" calling again.]

[Closeup of Sami's eye, which goes wide.]

[Sami answers the phone.]

Sami: Hello? Mom?

Sami's Mom: (crackling and staticky) SAMI!? Sami, listen to me very carefully. You have to--

[The big alien ship emits a great pulse into the air.]

[The pulse slams through Sami's person, knocking her off-balance.]

[Sami, practically in tears, holds her phone which has gone dark.]

Sami: No... Nonono...!