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<i>[A wide shot of the traffic-jammed street. Several police cruisers line the curb and all traffic is trying to go outbound. A bunch of aliens stand around, some of them right on top of the cars.]

[Andy looks at Sami, a crinkle between her eyebrows.]</i>

Andy: Do you see what I see?

<i>[A closer shot of the busy street. Aliens are loping along, stepping right over vehicles and other things blocking their way. In the foreground, a police officer has his arms splayed out, two people cowering behind him as an alien walks right by over a police cruiser.]</i>

Andy: They're just... <i>looking around</i>... They're not going after any of the <i>people</i>. It's like they're not even there!

<i>[Sami looks worriedly at Andy, who stares off broodingly.]</i>

Sami: What do you think they're looking for? Us?

Andy: I don't know. But we should move.