↓ Transcript
<i>[Back to Sami's video. She is leaned forward slightly, with a hesitant look on her face.]</i>

Sami: So anyways... the real reason behind this video... the truth is...

<i>[Her expression becomes very serious.]</i>

Sami: I've seen the hexagram before.

<i>[A panel shows two crayon drawings done by a very young Sami. One is a boat at sea at night, and all the stars are six-pointed like the hexagram. Another, of two cartoon bunnies, has the hexagram in the top-right corner.]</i>

Sami: I've seen it in my dreams my entire life. It never thought it MEANT anything. It was just THERE.

<i>[Sami looks flummoxed.]</i>

Sami: Maybe it's a mistake to say it publicly, but I don't know what else to do. If you've seen it, too, and you're watching this...

<i>[She relaxes a bit, staring straight into the camera resolutely.]</i>

Sami: Come and find me. I'll be here.