Hey folks. It’s been approximately 35 years since I posted my last update, but I hope you’re all doing well (or as well as you CAN be) these days. We’re all going through a collective trauma, so I hope you’re taking care of yourselves. Be safe when protesting, wear a mask, black lives matter, and down with fascism.

I’m going to try to keep it light from here on out!The Kickstarter is almost 100% fulfilled, aside from 20-ish survey stragglers! Just looking at everything that’s happened since August 2019, I’m kind of amazed I got this book out at all. The thing I’ve been struggling to start is the backer commissions. (Among them is a very patient repeat customer who emailed me LAST JULY like a week before I launched.) It’s a handful of sketch cards and one digital piece, so maybe writing it out like this will help me muster the will.

I reopened my online store with TH3 up for general sale! Tell all your friends.

What’s next for The Hues? It’s back to completing the current chapter, Chapter 14. After that, everything changes, story-wise! I’ve always been privy to the idea that Every Comic is Autobiographical, deep down somewhere, and in my case, with my long-form comics? I’ve definitely used them to process what I was going through at the time whether I knew it or not, and I often don’t know what my stories are “about” until well into making the work. Seven years into it, I’m figuring out that The Hues is no different. So you’ll see what I’ve learned along the way.

Me and mine are all whole, haven’t been sick or anything, and my sister and bro-in-law are almost done with renovations to their house for my parents to live there. We’ve all been very lucky, and I will do what I can to keep it up. I was practically built for social distancing, and I have the good fortune to have a job where I CAN isolate and work from home. My state’s (Ohio) response to the pandemic has been one of the success stories, and we’ve been able to flatten our curve.

A tiny plug for my Patreon before I wrap this up. I’m in a place with a support network to fall back on, and I don’t need to crowd into the mass of creatives who need more help than I do during These Uncertain Times, so no pressure. I’m hoping to get into more video stuff this year, YouTubes and TikToks and whatnot, so even if you don’t sign up, you can click +FOLLOW on my Patreon page for notifications of my public/free posts.

Leave your questions and comments down below, if you have them! Thank you for making this book happen, against all odds. :)