We did it! The Hues Volume 3 will be coming into the world! Thank you all so much for your support!

What’s next?

Kickstarter will take the next two weeks to process all the payments, and I’ll get the funds around September 5th. From there, I’ll be ready to start ordering rewards! You’ll get all the updates here, of course.

In the meantime, I’m going on An Actual Vacation for one of those weeks! It’s my first in… several years, and I’m looking forward to some R&R after all this hard work. And when I get home, I’ll be ready to dive back into comics!

The past couple years have been… a lot! But this Kickstarter will help me take my career and business forward. Thank you to everyone who stuck around and showed up for this. ❤

And one more time, if you’d like to support me on an ongoing basis, you can join my Patreon for $2 a month. My patrons’ support through everything cannot be understated! Even when I was too depressed to draw for weeks/months at a time, my Patreon motivated me to eek out AT LEAST a sketch every week while I got back on my feet.

But no matter whether you show up for Kickstarters, become a patron, or continue your support by reading my comics, I thank you. I’ll see y’all soon!