2014 07 24 New Logo

Here it is!  I started rolling this out on the website and social media outlets over the weekend, but in case I missed anything, let me know by leaving a comment! It’s easy to lose track of everywhere I’ve put TH. ^_^: (Hit CTRL+F5 to refresh if you’re still seeing the old logo anywhere.  Sometimes browser caches hold on to stuff in weird ways.)

And with this new logo, I’ve got some stuff that has the old one on it that I’d like to move out of my inventory!  So I am having a half-off prints and posters sale over in the store.  Any print or poster with the old logo is part of the sale.

Each order automatically gets one of the bumper stickers included in it, but those are also half-off if you want more than one!  Buy one for everyone on your broomball team!

In the meantime, there are also shiny new link banners and buttons, so link to TH and help the comic grow! :D