Kickstarte ending screenshot

That’s it!  The Kickstarter is over! :D  If you’re reading this IN THE FUTURE and you want to contribute with PayPal, head over to this page.

Thank you so much to everyone who backed the project, retweeted, reblogged, shared, and otherwise put up with my 32 days of constant shilling.  We finished at $4,300, which was 143% of my initial goal!

The Hues will be going on hiatus for about 6 weeks while I draw Chapter 3 and fulfill the Kickstarter rewards.  The homepage now has a landing graphic with helpful info about the hiatus, including a mailing list I set up!  If you want to get an email when Chapter 3 starts going online, sign up here, or just keep an eye on the RSS feed.

I’m going to be posting weekly blog updates here and on the Kickstarter to document my progress.  There are also two status bars on the homepage to show where I am with the comic and the backer rewards, so check those out as well.  As I posted on Twitter yesterday, I’ve got the thumbnails for the whole chapter done, so I get to jump right into working on the pages! :)

That’s about all I can think of at the moment.  Again– THANK YOU!