Hi folks!  Hope your weekend was awesome. :D

For the Kickstarter backers: surveys are out!  Make sure you fill them out with your shipping info and other particulates.  You’ll be able to change your shipping information for while, just in case anyone moves in the near future. :D

The book order is wrapping up production and will be going on the ocean freighter very soon, and in about 8 weeks, I’ll have the books!  Other physical rewards like prints and buttons are already made and ready to go.  And I’ll be getting started on backer commissions this week!  Everything is going smoothly so far, so thank you for your patience.

For Patreon supporters: the reward tiers are changing starting May 1st!  Check out all the details here, and make sure you switch to a new tier this week.  There are also a number of patrons with unclaimed rewards from the past few months, so please check your messages so I can get them to you!