Hi friends!  I’m back from CXC, and it was an awesome weekend. :D If you stopped by over the weekend, hello and welcome!

Chapter 13

Chapter 12 is now complete, and as the old-timers around here know, I go into hibernation mode for a few weeks while I get the next chapter written and arted.  I PROMISE this break will not be as long as Alex’s Summer Vacation, and I plan to start updating between Halloween and November 7th or so. :)

Meanwhile, I’ll be doing the usual sketch a day posts over on Patreon, so there’s plenty to check out if you’d like to join us!


ComiqueCon is this weekend in Dearborn, MI!  Last year was awesome and I fully expect this year to be the same. My pals Spooky, Megan, and Rachel will also be there! It’s my last show for the year, so I hope you can make it out.