Thank you thank you thank you!  I posted an update on Kickstarter earlier today, but I finally came down from cloud nine and remembered to post something here, too.  There’s still 20 days left in the funding campaign, so you can still back the project if you haven’t already.  Nobody gets charged until August 20th!

The first few stretch goals are all more swag for you guys, and the big one to look towards is $9k, when chapter three gets super-sized to 48 pages.  Keep on spreading the word, because a higher number means I can invest more back into the comic and the community forming around it. :)

Oh, and one final thing, check out this interview I did about the project on Kickstarter Conversations!  I sat down with James to talk about the comic and campaign, and there are some hints about one of the locked stretch goals. :D

Hope you’re all having a great day!