Hey folks!  I’m back from ComiqueCon, which was awesome and wonderful.  If you found me there, WELCOME!  Thanks for coming by my table and giving the site a visit. :D

I’ve got one more convention to close out this year, which is TAGfest on December 5th, so I hope to see you there.

SCHEDULE!  Chapter 9 is coming to a close.  The final page of the chapter will be up on the 20th, and then there will be two BONUS updates on the 23rd and 25th before I take a little time off for the holidays.  Chapter 10 will begin in mid-December.

Then, in January, the hype train will be revving up for the Volume 2 Kickstarter campaign!  I’ll be sharing more details after the first of the year. ;)

And lastly, my longtime webcomics buddy Pete Tarkulich is raising funds for his new book!  I backed it, and I hope you do too. :B