What a long, strange trip it’s been. Hi everyone!

Over on Patreon, I’m trying something new and different and scary and exciting! My current patrons are already in the know, but there’s a new set of reward tiers for y’all to choose from starting this month, April.


  • Instant Updates: Access to new comic pages as they are made.
  • (Lowest volume of notification emails!)


  • Instant Updates
  • Access to work-in-progress updates on the current comic/page I’m working on.


  • Instant Updates
  • WIP Comics
  • Access to the daily snapshot– a Patreon-exclusive look at my day-to-day routine. The content in this blog will range from sketches, WIPs of other projects, journal entries, and action shots of the places I go. New content every weekday!

What I’m going for here is kind of like the Netflix model: I dive into work and come up for air when I have a significant chunk of comics to share. The Hues will be available to read for free here on the website– but if you want to read pages as they come out instead of waiting for a whole bunch to drop at once, you can subscribe for a dollar and support my work. And there’s more than just The Hues in the works! I’ve got a backlog of ideas for Alex’s Guide comics that I’m planning to get to soon, and you’ll be able to see those comics earlier than the web folks, too.

And that’s literally only the tip of the iceberg! Five dollar patrons will get additional work-in-progress shots, and ten dollar patrons get the closest look into my day-to-day in the form of a Patreon-exclusive art blog.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Patreon and join us! :D