Hi folks! Last weekend, I went to TCAF and it was BANANAS, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I had such a good time!

Thank you to the readers who came by to chat! It was a pleasure to meet every one of you. :D I hope to return to Canada again for TCAF 2018! (TCAF has an every-other-year rule for exhibitors so there’s fresh stuff on the show floor every year, FYI.)

I AM COMPLETELY WIPED OUT.  I have a bunch of things to catch up on, as well as ANOTHER con to prepare for next weekend, so I’m going to be taking this week off from posting while I take care of some business.  The shipment of TH volume 2 books is also due to reach the States any day now, so I’ll be preparing to start Kickstarter fulfillment in the first week of June.  There’s 5 pages left in this chapter, and I want to make sure they get the attention they deserve. SO, I will see you all next Monday with page 308!

I once again thank you for your patience. Have a good one!