new year, new portrait.

Hi there! This post is about what’s going on with me, what’s going on with The Hues, and some other stuff. :)

First off, thank you for leaving comments and checking in on me in the last few months. :) I’m making progress and while my depression is not gone, it’s considerably changed shape over the last year since I finished up chapter 13 last spring. That was right after my book 3 Kickstarter didn’t make goal, and I ended up moving cities about a month later. So. Stressful times and some major life changes. It happens when you hit your 30s.

The Hues chapter 14 is in progress! I’ve got 2 pages on the production line at the moment, a sort of cold open/continuation of a moment from ch13, which is going to be cool. I’m in planning stages on the rest of the chapter, partly because I’m very rusty at Being Creative (thanks depression) and the END of ch14 marks the halfway point of the story, so I’m taking my time on it because I have to do some plot wrangling for the second half. :)

Some of you know I color comics for Brad Guigar, which I am still doing, and if you don’t know anything about Brad, I’ll tell you one thing: dude is PROLIFIC. Coloring for him is a part-time job by itself, and it takes up my available work time most weeks. Maybe once or twice a fortnight, I’ll have a day where nothing is due tomorrow, so that’s when I work on The Hues. So yeah, it’s slow going, but it’s happening.

So what else? I have been posting my work in progress on the new pages on Patreon, along with new sketches from my sketchbook every week. I need to vociferously thank all the patrons who have hung around giving me money every month, especially the months last summer when I was too sick to do anything at all. Thank you! I LOVE YOU.

I will be at WisCon 42 next month! It’s my favorite convention and I’m so so looking forward to going after this crummy year. I’m accepting preorders for sketch card commissions, so if you’re going to the show (and/or you’re a patron) and want to get your sketch card fix without the usual wait during a con weekend, HIT ME UP. All the info is here. I’ll be participating in a handful of panels this year, too, which is new and exciting. :D I will share all the pertinent info once I have all my ducks in a row for the trip.

I’m putting together my first digital sketchbook! I’ll be releasing a collection of sketch cards, a collection of artist edition book sketches, and a collection of some highlights from my Patreon stash, though not necessarily in that order. I’ll be involving my patrons in the development, taking suggestions and whatnot, so if that’s something you’re interested in, here’s my Patreon link one more time. :B

I think that’s everything I wanted to cover for now. If you’ve got any questions, hit the comments! I’m most active on Twitter these days, so that’s a good place to reach me as well. Thanks again for being here and reading.